Tudung SALE


Wide Shawls
SALE Price : RM18 each


51S02 , 51S03 
51S06, 51S08


Inner Silang
Easy to wear. Stretchable . A bit loose on the doll cause doll botak!!haha. will fit nicely on your head I guarantee!
SALE Price :RM8 each!! 

 44N01 , 44N04sold, 44N08sold, 44N13

 44N11, 44N12, 44N09 sold

Inner Berawning

Wear it with your favourite syria =)
Sale Price :RM4 each!! 
44IN15,  44IN05

Inner Neck Berawning
Ada color black but no pic, let me know if you want it. 
Code:44IABlack - RM9 each

 Clearance Price :RM5 each!!


 44IA08 , 44IA14

Shawls Depan Belakang
2 designs for the price of one!!
SALE Price :RM10 each!

Measurements - approx 42cm x 155cm

  50S15 , 50S18

Stretchable Cotton Shawls

Sale Price: RM20 each 



  27CS04 (not as stretchable as the rest)

[54V05,M, RM22], [56V02(awning curdory),M, RM22]

[54V09,M, RM22], [54V10,M, RM22]
 Measurements - approx 70cm x 155cm

[50S06, RM14] , [50S10, RM14]

 [47S04 50cmx178cm, RM20] , [15TP11, M, RM15]

[51C04, M, RM20] , [53C02, M, RM20]

Beautiful chiffon syria with embroidery

inners not included. material is soft and flowy, my fave!
Price: RM50 each RM25 each
Size: M (approx 39cm) 

41CH02 , 41CH06

   [47L02(44cm)(face size S),M,RM25] , [47SH06,M, face size S, RM16]

  [36SH14(39cm) , RM10] , [23SH04, M, RM10]

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