Thursday, February 27

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Sunday, October 20

Jubah Denim

Jubah Denim
Jubah dari fabric denim dengan sulaman mesin. Cantik! 
Non strechable fabric 
Clearance Price : RM 100!!!!
Measurements, please expect +/-1.5cm

Sesuai untuk ketinggian 160cm ke bawah because material will shrink vertically with washing

Jubah05(color dark blue)
Size 48 (Shoulder 46cm, Bust 59cm)

Tuesday, July 23

Instant Syria

Instant Syria
Size M
Price: RM30 each 

Tudung syria instant dari kain lycra dan cotton facing. Mudah, hanya sarungkan saja

 56IS01 , 56IS03

Monday, July 22

Shawl Lycra 2 in 1
Shawl lycra cantik dihiasi dengan piping, mudah dipakai =) 
Kain selapis sahaja dan bukan 2 lapis
(Measurement : L70 x W24 inch)

Price : RM40 each
or 5 for RM150




56X09 , 56X17

 56X12, 56X13

 56X14, 56X15

 56X19 , 56X20

Thursday, July 4


Poly Silk Shawls
Price :RM25 each
Size  -  160cmx50cm

55Z03, 55Z04


55Z06, 55Z07
55Z17(poly saja RM20)

Satin Shawls
I LOVE em!
Price :RM30 each
Size  -  160cmx50cm

55Z08, 55Z09

55Z10, 55Z11

55Z12, 55Z13

55Z14, 55Z15


Sunday, June 30

Chiffon layers

Tudung Chiffon Layers Ala Fareeda
full cap awning with satin lining inside. 
selling without the brooch, brooch beli sendiri lagi lawa kot!
Price: RM35 each
length approx 30cm


Monday, May 20


Tudung  Cotton, Chiffon & Lace
Tudung kain cotton dengan awning baldu nipis, dihiasi kain lace yang cantik & bling-bling
Sesuai digayakan dengan baju raya!! =)
  SALE Price: RM39 each

lengths approx -cm

  54L02,  54L18

  54L06,  54L07

 54L19 , 54L10 

 54L14, 54L15

Tuesday, April 16


Peplum blouse

Price: RM45 each
+ FREE postage (MSIA)
  Cotton Blend
Measurements (approx) are taken when garment is laid flat

Free size
Sleeves 22" Shoulders 14" Chest 15" Length front 28.5"

Size XL
Sleeves 22" Shoulders 14" Chest 16" Length front 28.5"
52P01(FS ) , 52P05(XL)

Monday, November 5

Syria Stretchable Lace

Something new something different =
Inners not included
Clearance Price :RM15 each!!
length approx -38cm when measured flat (excluding the bottom renda +5cm)

 44SY01, 44SY02


 44SY05 , 44SY06

 44SY07 , 44SY08

 44SY09  , 44SY10